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EMCC Global Quality Awards - the GOLD standard for Education and Training

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The EMCC Global Quality Awards are the benchmark quality standard for leadership, mentoring, coaching, team coaching, programme management and supervision education and training programmes worldwide. The prestigious ‘Quality Awards’ offer the international market place a much needed quality framework with recognised credibility and validity across geographical borders, which also values and validates prior learning and experience. Find out all you need to know about the EMCC Global Portfolio of highly respected EMCC Global Quality Award Programmes. Organisations may apply for their programmes to be awarded at one of four levels: Foundation, Practitioner, Senior Practitioner or Master Practitioner aligned to the International Higher Education Framework levels for education and training programmes.

This session is intended as an interactive dialogue about the EMCC Global Quality Award Accreditation process. Shelley and members of her team will highlight the range of support provided by the EMCC Global Accreditation Team/s for applicants, during the Accreditation process and position some helpful key facts, especially with regard to the Bespoke Programme options available and the Professional Designation requirements being embedded within the delivery of the EMCC Global Quality Award. Those interested in, or in the process of applying for programme accreditation, should find this session beneficial. Shelley and other key leaders will be also be available to answer questions in the afternoon ‘drop in sessions'.
EMCC Global Quality Awards include: EQA for Mentoring and/or Coaching, TCQA for Team Coaching, ESQA for Supervision and PMQA for Programme Management. The EMCC Global Quality Awards are valid for five years at which point renewal is required, taking into account the excellence of the programme delivery and ongoing external verification.

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