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Evolving our relationship with Conflict

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Leadership coaches are often asked to intervene in conflict and you could argue that there is no such thing as an absence of conflict when it comes to any leadership role. While we focus on patterns of behaviour to understand and resolve conflict what is often missed are the internal forces that drive us into repeating patterns of conflict – both in the conscious stories we tell ourselves and the unconscious triggers that drive us.

In this workshop we will look at conflict through the lens of self-discovery in order to raise our conscious awareness of the vital role that conflict plays in informing leaders how to restore flow in their teams and organisations.

Specifically we will address:

- how to zoom out on conflict via a systemic lens
- how to detect when conflict is arising from the people or from the system of the organisation itself
- how our family patterns influence our relationship with conflict in professional life
- the ultimate resource to deal with conflict creatively

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