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Networked Coaching a Powerful Force for both Sustainable Behavioural and Cultural Change

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Founded in 2015, Untapped AI was created to make the world of work a better place. Experts in Artificial Intelligence, Organisational Psychology and Individual Psychotherapy came together to form a powerful solution. This solution changes not just the way an individual works, but also the way an organisation works.

Untapped AI exists to transform organisations into the type of workplaces that people want to be at. Untapped AI pioneered a new type of coaching solution which focuses on both the individual and the organisation through ‘Networked Coaching’.

The key ingredient of Networked Coaching is the joining up of disparate parts, the individual's goals, and the organisation's goals, the seen and the unseen, and the intelligent use of AI facilitates this. AI excels at finding patterns, and so by working with individuals, it is able to detect key behavioural insights which are used to guide the individual’s 1-1 coaching journey. Similarly, AI can amass large amounts of ground truth data to identify organisational bottlenecks while preserving the anonymity of the individual users. It is this connection which drives the excellent results our clients have achieved.

What is Networked Coaching and how is it structured to help both individuals and organisations?

It’s coaching done better. It connects all elements of coaching and organisational change to bring a powerful, cohesive solution.

It all starts with our EMCC accredited one-on-one expert Coaches (Untapped Accelerators) who connect with their users through our digital platform. All coaches are trained in-house with our globally accredited EMCC methodology which pulls on the expert knowledge of our team of psychotherapists, behavioural neuroscientists, and organisational psychologists.

Every Coach is part of a small group of peers, led by an experienced Head Coach, and their aim is to discuss what’s going well and what could be done better while sustaining each other and the common goals. In addition, Clinical Supervisors work confidentially with Coaches to reflect on their client relationships, develop professional expertise and uphold the quality of work.

At the heart of tech sits our Self-Awareness AI. This acts as a third eye to give deep and revealing insights into the individual and their behaviour. It confidentially uses the employee data to pick up bottlenecks, collating it over time to give an increasingly nuanced and intelligent understanding. This adds a connective layer of deep insight through technology within a trusted human to human relationship.

Since we take on users in cohorts, we are able to amass incredible collective insights through the usage of passively and actively collected data. We are therefore able to feed back data on common themes, potential blockers, and previously unseen insights to influence overall organisational culture change. This joining up erodes the perennial issue of siloed thinking by encouraging a more inclusive networked accountability for oneself, others, and the organisation.

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