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Panel Session: Leadership amid Seismic Shifts - Who’s Ready to Meet these New Challenges?

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EMCC Global President Dr Riza Kadilar opens the EMCC Global Provider Summit 2022 with some important questions in this interactive dialogue.

Join Riza and his panel guests in conversation as we discuss how we, as leaders, mentors, coaches, team coaches, programme managers and supervisors are responding to seismic changes in the world.

Organisational excellence is needed now more than ever, as we come to terms with environmental challenges, world events, financial pressures and recovery from the pandemic. In many cases we are seeing a new level of discomfort and instability that needs action now. We need to invest in society’s human capacity at all levels.

With organisations playing a considerable role in how we will respond to these pressures, Riza will look at emerging skills models and digital transformation trends and will ask participants to consider EMCC Global’s own excellence framework for organisations - the International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes (ISMCP) Accreditation.

This year’s EMCC Global Provider Summit takes organisational excellence as its key theme; Riza will bring in the successes of the organisations achieving their ISMCP accreditation and, crucially, will explore how it has helped them achieve their strategic goals.

Come for the discussion, stay for the depth of thinking, and emerge with new ideas and ways we can tackle these emerging and established global crises and opportunities at an organisational level.

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