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Panel Session: Responding to a Changing World

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Dr Julie Haddock-Millar, EMCC Global’s international lead for the International Standards in Mentoring and Coaching Programmes (ISMCP) accreditation asks an important question:

How do we respond to this changing world?

Join Julie and her panel guests in this interactive conversation that will explore how individuals, teams and groups are flexing, pivoting and adapting to change.

The global change we are seeing now are arguably the largest we have ever seen - while we can perhaps cope with one at a time, we have rarely had to cope with several at once. There are so many moving parts in the complexity of work lives and individual lives that it can feel we are living at 100mph, with no brakes. This is true for all levels of society, from individual connections to organisations, to governments and to countries and international connections.

With the GPS’s theme of organisational excellence as a backdrop to the discussion, Julie and the panel will consider how the checklist of standards in the ISMCP accreditation can provide the basis for thinking.

Come for the discussion, stay for the depth of thinking, and emerge with new ideas and ways we can tackle these emerging and established global crises at an organisational level.

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