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Testament to the ‘Fast Evolving’ Nature of Team Coaching

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David, Tammy and Colm are co-authors of The Team Coaching Casebook (pub Dec 2021). This dialogue draws from their experiences of the 23 cases in the book and opens up the question of how to tackle and challenge mindsets.

Tammy and David say:

“This particular conversation is really having a dialogue with you all around what are some of the opportunities and team coaching training that we have learned, how do we work with anxiety and team coaching participants, and co-creating more of a long term sustainable team coaching field.

Everything is evolving so fast, if you even go back 15 years virtually all team coaching was linear in its concept. It would have models which will said ‘you do this, we press this button and out comes that’ and it doesn't work it like that anymore.

“Then we say systemic team coaching but that only go so farm complex adaptive systemic team coaching. Everything is moving very fast so we want to reflect on that and the implications that means in training team coaches because team coaches can't just be individual coaches with a few more tools and techniques; is a completely different mindset. That’s a challenge we haven't really met in coach education so far we want to address that and ask ‘how do we meet that challenge?’

“We are going to be drawing upon that only our own experiences as educators but also the three of us curating the 23 cases that were in the Team Coaching Casebook, drawing on some of the themes and trends that we found in the book as well as using the EMCC team coaching standards and drawing from some early evidence that we found.”

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