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Transforming Business with Coaching

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Grant Thornton develops transformational leaders throughout their career journey with global milestone programmes, strategic global assignments, and on-the-job experiences while creating meaningful connections along the way. Grant Thornton prides itself on being a values-driven organisation. 62,000 people are employed in over 130 countries and are passionately committed to these values:

Collaboration: ask for help, give help – we work well together.

Leadership: have courage and inspire others – we challenge each other to be the best we can be.

Excellence: find a better way every time – we never get complacent.

Agility: think broadly, act quickly – we thrive on change.

Responsibility: use influence wisely – we own our actions.

Respect: listen and understand, be forthright – we create honest relationships.

Join Lucy Daykin while she is hosting 4 Grant Thornton Global Leaders!

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