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Welcome & Opening Remarks

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It is our pleasure and privilege, on behalf of all our EMCC Global colleagues - EMCC Council, Global Executive Board, Affiliated Countries and Regions, EMCC Global Ambassadors and Champions worldwide, friends and partnership organisations, to convey a very warm welcome to this our fifth annual EMCC Global Provider Summit – GPS 2022: The Dialogue Shaping our Future.

The GPS has a very special place in our hearts and minds since we first launched this prestigious event and concept five years ago in 2018. The GPS and GPS Dialogue Series would not exist without the amazing generosity and ongoing support from our EMCC Global Accredited Individuals, Organisations and Providers of Education and Training. For the past five years all our PARTNERS have contributed to our journey to where we are today. Our ongoing key purpose and focus is to,

- Co-create the Future for our Professional Practice:

- Leadership, Mentoring, Coaching, Team Coaching, Programme Management and Supervision.

A very special heartfelt THANK YOU in advance to all our GPS 2022 hosts and truly fantastic participants across the globe, taking part in our session dialogues especially this week, including our EMCC Council and EMCC Global Executive Board Colleagues, EMCC Affiliated Country and Region Boards and Members, ALL our wonderful Volunteers and magnificent supporting teams worldwide.

The key themes from our previous Summits and ‘dialogue sessions' continue to contribute to our EMCC Global Strategy for 2022 – 2024. Our ongoing ‘Round Table’ co-created dialogues across all our EMCC Global and EMCC Affiliated Countries and Regions, and Countries and Regions across the globe worldwide, also continue to provide us all with an inspirational platform for co-created and shared learning.

Since 2018, the GPS has always existed as a place where we co-create our professional future, as we engage together in order to deepen our collective learning and experience. This year our key theme is ORGANISATIONAL EXCELLENCE

Over the four days we have a full range of Panels, Case Studies, Innovation Hubs and Accelerator Hubs.

Our aim is to totally immerse in new thinking, gain new insights, make new connections, and feel energised for the rest of 2022 and far beyond!

We are privileged to see some outstanding developments and leadership from all the 140 countries where EMCC Global has a presence. We now have more than 55,000 graduates from EMCC Global Quality Award Programmes – leadership, mentoring, coaching, team coaching, programme management and supervision, led by our accredited organisations and providers of education and training.

We have also introduced new initiatives to open up access to individuals and organisations seeking Professional Designation Accreditation including our Five Day Challenges and ongoing Mentor support. To promote our Professional Designations, ISMCP developments and Quality Awards, our Innovation Hubs and Research at the Heart of Practice, weekly GPS Dialogue Series and the work of our Volunteer WorkGroups, 'Special Project' and Centres for Excellence Teams has been transformational.

The EMCC Global Team Coaching Quality Award - TCQA and Professional Designation - ITCA, alongside collaborative support for organisations to achieve the ISMCP globally-recognised award, celebrating the work of organisations who meet the EMCC Global, International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes are both ’special features’ running throughout our GPS 2022.

Most importantly, we have been able to truly help leaders, aspiring leaders, mentors, coaches, programme managers and supervisors to be of service to the people they support, to be a catalyst for seismic change and to make a difference in all areas of society.

We are really proud of what we have built together and what we continue to develop.

And so welcome once again to this EMCC Global Provider Summit 2022, it is so good to have you here for the next four days, and beyond, enjoy the dialogue sessions you are able to attend and remember the dialogue continues via our daily work and weekly EMCC Global GPS Dialogue Series into the New Year 2023!

Thank you so much!

Our hashtag for twitter is: #emccglobalgps

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