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Our accredited Individuals, Organisations and Providers of Education and Training - OUR PARTNERS coming together with our EMCC Global community for the fifth EMCC Global Provider Summit – GPS 2022... 

Co-creating the Future for our Professional Practice: 

Leadership, Mentoring, Coaching, Team Coaching, Programme Management and Supervision.

For the November EMCC Global GPS 2022 – Global Provider Summit – we continue the positivity of our weekly GPS Dialogue Series and bring people together across the world, in different languages and in different time zones, to expand the warmth of the EMCC Global family, creating even more connections.

We believe Accredited Providers of education and training programmes, Organisations and Accredited Practitioners represent one of the most important stakeholder groups for EMCC Global, therefore we truly appreciate this opportunity to learn from each other.

We invite you to a series of ‘Round Table’ co-created virtual dialogues across the globe during EMCC GPS Week 2022, 14th – 17th November. 

It’s been an exciting evolution! And we continue to evolve! 

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GPS 2022 Theme:
Organisational Excellence


Positioning EMCC Global Strategic Priority: Providing a benchmark for leadership and aspiring leadership practice to develop human capacity.


Showcasing strategy and impact


Champions of ideas and concepts – Research at the heart of practice


Mentorship and resources to support applications for EMCC Global ISMCP, Quality Awards and Individual Accreditations

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