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EMCC Global - Exploring organisation accreditation and reciprocal mentoring programmes

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The session will begin by exploring EMCC Global's approach to accreditation and then shift into exploring reciprocal mentoring programmes and the three different approaches outlined in the new EMCC Global Masters Series in partnership with Routledge:

We propose that there are three types of mentoring scheme or programme that we see in organisations:

1. Reciprocal by design – this is where a mentoring programme has been deliberately set up so that participants work with each other in a reciprocal way where mutual learning and development is expected and encouraged.

2. Emergent reciprocity – this is where a mentoring programme has not been set up to be deliberately reciprocal, but participants naturally work together in this way, and this becomes formalised as the way to participate in the programme

3. Reciprocal as an output – this is where a mentoring programme has not been set up or designed as reciprocal, with the roles within the relationship continuing to be traditionally defined as mentor and mentee but where benefits are accrued for mentors and mentees.

A number of organisational case studies will be considered to illustrate the different approaches to reciprocal mentoring and the benefits to mentoring programme participants.

Participants will have the opportunity to consider their mentoring programme practice and approaches, exploring different models and modes of mentoring.

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