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Mentoring - Co-creating the Future to Support Holistic Growth

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In today's dynamic, post-pandemic landscape, the roles and expectations surrounding leaders, mentors and coaches have undergone transformative shifts. This session dialogue aims to explore how we might align practitioners with these changes, emphasising holistic growth and co-creation.

The EMCC Global Definition of Mentoring involves 'the sharing of skills, knowledge, and expertise between a mentor and mentee through developmental conversations, experience sharing, and role modelling. The relationship may cover a wide variety of contexts and is an inclusive two-way partnership for mutual learning that values differences.

Via this session, we will as Coaching, Mentoring and Leadership Practitioners together explore some of the following themes:

• Leadership, mentoring and coaching mindset and well-being
• Going beyond skills and competence, focusing on the 'whole person' to support holistic GROWTH
• Evolving mentoring techniques and integrating reflective practice principles to secure new perspectives
• Integrating the essence of co-creation and reciprocity in the learning space
• Crafting the future - can mentoring serve as a secure and inspiring container for co-creating our professional trajectories?

This engaging session is a must-attend for practicing leaders, coaches and Mentors invested in mentoring. The aim is to navigate the complexities of leadership and coaching, to enrich the mentor experience for both mentor and mentee, and to ensure that both thrive in this ever-changing professional environment.

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