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The Power, Potential and Purpose in Heartbreak

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We all can experience heartbreak and heartache for different reasons at different times in our lives. With the right perspective, we can learn to find the love, meaning and empowerment in all that we go through personally, professionally and collectively. Hema invites you to a dialogue around the below broad themes:

• The opportunity to connect with and release old grief patterns, as well as feel into any current grief experiences through the lenses of compassion and understanding

• A deep dive conversation into how heartbreak can give us an opportunity to get to know ourselves better, express our vulnerability and find purpose in our healing

• The work to explore our values and understand why we experience certain pain, certain heartbreaks? We can transform negative patterns held in the heart space

Hema’s philosophy is that it takes more than the cerebral to succeed. It takes heart intelligence. To access the full potential and power of our hearts, we need to be able to go there with our heartache and disappointments.

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