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To retire or not to retire? Savouring the questions

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In our 60s and 70s a time comes to wonder about “retirement.” Whether is it our own aging, or in working with clients as they are moving into these years, the possibilities of major transitions emerge. This session offers a place to reflect and wonder about what comes next.

What questions come to mind? Do we have a bias for or against the word? Is our mortality beginning to be a more present companion? Can we hope and plan for another 30+ years and hold the unknowing of how much time is ahead? How do we articulate our legacy and what remains to be done? What makes a meaningful life now, in this moment? Do we want to change our focus and priorities? What choices become more urgent? Are we able to listen to our clients about their changing perspectives? What support do we need, and what support do our clients need?

At the end of this session, you may have befriended the idea of “retirement” in new ways for yourself or for your clients. You will have a greater understanding of your feelings and thoughts about retirement, and ways to explore, experiment and invite yearnings and hopes for this phase of life to emerge.

I have been exploring these questions for a handful of years. This November 2023 is my final month for professional endeavours. I share my journey as food for thought for you and for your work with clients facing into these decades. Join me!

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