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Unlocking Excellence: Your Guide to Quality Awards

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Join us for a dynamic session hosted by Tamara Georgiadou, Olivia Gadd, Roberto Degli Esposti, Juta Palmera and Letizia Di Bartolomeo where you'll dive deep into the EMCC Global Quality Awards and what they signify for your organisation and professional journey. This engaging session aims to illuminate the integral role these awards play in the international benchmarking of professional practice across all sectors and contexts worldwide.

Key takeaways:

Uncover the critical value EMCC Global Quality Awards bring to your organisation, from leadership development to mentoring, coaching and supervision to programme management.

Understand the prerequisites for EQA - Mentoring and/or Coaching, ESQA - Supervision, TCQA - Team Coaching, and PMQA - Programme Management, and how they align with your organisational goals and individual career pathways.

Plan actionable steps to gain EMCC Global Accreditation for your programme/s (or continue to develop your programme/s), and activate your EMCC Global Professional Designation (and/or support others), ensuring you and your team/s are operating at the pinnacle of international standards.

Why attend? Navigate pathways and options in the EMCC Global Accreditation processes and discern how to leverage EMCC Global's extensive frameworks for your professional growth. Whether you're in HR, organisational development, any leadership position within an organisation or you are a leader designing and delivering education and training, this session equips you to make informed choices for your unique needs, and your clients..

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your organisation's reputation, achieve best practice benchmarks, and resonate deeply with excellence.

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