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Poetry Is Not A Luxury: The Uses of Poetry in Coaching

13/11/23, 10:00




13/11/23 10:00


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About The Session

Join Creative Coach and Supervisor Auriel Majumdar for a thought-provoking workshop that will explore reading and writing poetry as an activity that we can use for ourselves and to support our clients.

This interactive and co-creative session will consider some of the theory underpinning the uses of poetry in coaching, offer ideas for working with coachees and look at a number of case studies to bring these ideas to life.

The session will guide you to write your own poem reflecting on your practice and imagining your radiant future. Come along to be nourished and uplifted by 90 minutes of poetry, reflection and sharing. No experience of writing or coaching with poetry is required, just curiosity and a willingness to experiment.


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