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Benchmarking Professional Standards for Organisational Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching

14/11/23, 02:00




14/11/23 02:00


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About The Session

Join EMCC Global's Michelle Richardson and Vedrana Josipovic to see how our International Standards in Coaching and Mentoring Programmes (ISMCP) accreditation elevates organisations.

It’s not just a reflection of the work that you, as a coaching or mentoring programme leader, has achieved – ISMCP will improve how your people develop, improve the confidence and efficacy of your leaders and set an intention for organizational excellence.

The EMCC Global ISMCP framework is an important way in which organisations can ensure the quality and rigour of programmes to realise the benefits and impact of programme management practice.

You are invited to explore current programme management practice, some of the challenges experienced, and how the challenges may be overcome. Participants will be able to explore the different ways in which EMCC Global can further support key stakeholders and Programme Managers to continue to recognise and support programme practice and ongoing development in the area of programme design, implementation and evaluation.

There will be an opportunity to explore the entire suite of EMCC Global standards in relation to organisational, training and individual recognition and accreditation. Melissa and Vedrana welcome questions and hope for a lively exchange between participants learning from one another.


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