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Using a Coaching approach to support the mental wellbeing of high performing athletes - A partnership between Saint Piran Professional Cycling Club and EDelia Coaching

14/11/23, 16:00




14/11/23 16:00


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About The Session

The session will outline how EDelia Group, an EMCC Global Accredited Provider has partnered with Saint Piran, a professional cycling team to increase mental resilience using the Red2Blue performance system.

Saint Piran is a UCI continental professional cycling team based in Cornwall who cater for cyclists from the elite professional level, through emerging men and women's talent, to enthusiastic amateurs and grassroots riders making the club unique in the professional cycling world.

By partnering with a coaching company St. Piran are supporting their athletes to develop mental resilience skills which will not only sustain and enhance their cycling performance but will also prepare their athletes for life outside and beyond cycling.

The session will examine the Red2Blue mental skills system that EDelia Group have been using as a foundation for this programme and explore the role of mental skill development in the context of coaching for performance and resilience for life.

The session will involve a short introduction followed by a facilitated discussion.

Learning outcomes - participants will learn:

What is Red2Blue?
Why does it work?
How do I use it?


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