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Psychosocial Mentoring in Startups: A Success Accelerator

16/11/23, 10:00




16/11/23 10:00


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About The Session

Our research project looked into the role of psychosocial mentorship (mentoring) in improving startup founders’ self-leadership and, consequently, in influencing positively their leadership capacity.

We used a mixed methodology design that included both quantitative and qualitative data collection from the founders and their employees. During our session we want to share the findings of our research and its implications for research and practice as the psychological aspect of mentoring for startups has not been adequately examined in the literature or taken into consideration in practice.


● Introduce you to the world of innovation and startups, especially “early-stage startups.”

● Share our research findings on the aspects of psychosocial mentoring that are important for startup success

● Offer an in-depth look at the implications of the research for startup leadership development

● Engage mentors and coaches in exploring the importance of psychological mentoring for the success of a startup


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