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From Coach to Thought Leader - How To Discover Your Unique Coaching Voice

16/11/23, 14:00




16/11/23 14:00


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In my recent group mentoring session one of the coaches asked me “With so many other coaches out there, how do I stand out? I don’t know what makes me truly unique.”

So many coaches I know have this question running in their minds. They have something to share with the world. They have a contribution to make. Yet they shrink back from putting themselves out there.

One of the recurring reasons for this is that they assume that the leading experts in the field must have some unique talent or insight that they have yet to learn.

In this conversation, my aim is to help every coach reframe their responsibility as a thought leader who shares their stories, insights, and unique wisdom with the world.

I will share 6 ways to STAND OUT and carve your own unique footprint as a coach.

Coaching is no longer just a profession, I believe it's a life skill and this is what I hope to spread as an idea during this conversation.


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