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The Quest for Meaning, how do we contribute?

17/11/23, 16:00




17/11/23 16:00


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Why did 50 million US employees/workers leave their job in 2022?

Why do millennials search for a more meaningful work environment?

What will be the impact of the baby-boomers now retiring on leadership?

What makes people progressively understand the need for a better work-life balance, and avoid being trapped into burnout?

What makes coaching and mentoring so meaningful to executives today?

In which conditions can we say NO to a client, a mentee or a team?

When can’t we stay passive in front of a client’s statement or behaviour?

And mainly, how can we contribute to a more meaningful organisation and society?

During this interactive session, Sylviane Cannio will share her client experience and some of the questions she brings in supervision or in mentoring. She will analyse the evolution of the coaching/mentoring/supervision/coach training environments for the last twenty years. She will mainly challenge the participants on their own way to find some answers to the questions listed above.


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