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Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC)


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Unlocking Potential

Unlocking potential and bringing about positive change for individuals and organisations.


Advanced Practitional Diploma in Executive Coaching

Transforming experienced coaches into exceptional ones, the accredited Advanced Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching is designed to give you the theory, practise, learning materials and long-term support network needed to further your abilities as a first-class coach with a business focus.



08:30 AM UTC

Honouring the emotions of climate change - George Warren and Kirstie McLachlan

What emotions come up for you when we take some dedicated time to thinking about our climate and our planet?

In this 1 hour session with coaches George Warren and Kirstie McLachlan will safely guide you to explore and acknowledge these emotions. After taking a look at the Hawkins Eco-Active model we will offer some insight and tips about how to have better conversations about climate in your coaching and how you can make a difference. 



03:10 PM UTC

Questioning why supervision skills are a necessity for the greater good - John Gray and Moira Halliday

In the past decade there was a massive inflow of new coaches, there is now a demand for supervisors. Executive coaches owe it to themselves and to their clients to set high standards and one of the ways to reach those high standards is to be in supervision. The reflection that takes place in supervision is not only about the client but about ones self as coach, so it is an ongoing journey is self-development as a coach. Supervision skills are about yourself and about how to help other coaches. In this short session with coach supervisors John and Moira, we will explore how supervision skills help people to be at their best and the ripples this has.



06:55 AM UTC

Why a harmonious team is not likely to be an effective team - a systems perspective on team dynamics - Neil Atkinson and Moira Nangle

When coaching a team, how harmonious or pleasant their interactions are is often a key focus of attention. But is it even desirable for a team to be enjoying a frictionless culture - or are qualities like challenge, conflict and disagreement not only to be expect - but actually desirable? In this session Moira Nangle and Neil Atkinson, Faculty on the AoEC’s Systemic Team Coaching Diploma, explore these ideas through a systemic lens. 

About Us

Delivering coach training, coaching and coaching solutions to organisations worldwide, face to face, virtually and online, the AoEC is one of the world’s leading executive coach training companies.


The AoEC exists to both provide the highest quality accredited coach training to individuals and to manage culture change at all levels of an organisation with both small and large scale developments. We do this through a combination of expert consultancy, coaching, training of internal coaches and coaching based leadership and management development in the UK and globally. AoEC has international faculty and a vast pool of coaches trained to the highest global professional standards along with an expert consultancy team.


“I believe in authentic leadership which supports other people to be their best and feel valued. People are at the very heart of our business and I am driven to make the benefits of coaching available to everyone. From developing first class skills for individuals working with people, to supporting the growth and productivity of organisations, our goal is to unlock potential, inspire fresh thinking, encourage purposeful working and create empowering cultures.” Gina Lodge, CEO

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