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Research into practice: Future trends in inclusive coaching, mentoring and supervision with Jonathan Passmore & Charmaine Roche

Research is increasingly playing a vital role in shaping practice in coaching, mentoring and supervision.  Using an evidence base to inform practice is fast becoming part of ethical practice.  EMCC Global Research Development held a series of 3 workshops, aiming to:


Enable an in-depth look at the implications of the research for overcoming inequalities and ensuring inclusion in future trends in coaching
Provide a platform for collaboratively exploring questions such as ‘How do we support underrepresented groups, how does coaching have a positive impact on inclusion, how does reflection and self-awareness help in creating inclusion, How do we engage inclusively with new technologies?’
Take account of research data and evidence base and translate into practical actions
Place the research outcomes in the context of 
The Global Code of Ethics, and The EMCC Diversity and Inclusion Declaration

Workshop 1 – 10 February 2022:  Racial Justice, Equity and Belonging in Coaching

Our aim through this research is to raise awareness of race across the coaching ecosystem and of the actions that stakeholders can take to provide a culture within the coaching industry in which everyone is welcome. While many organisations have broad sweeping statements, our research suggests we have a long way to go in taking measurable action to create an inclusive and diverse coaching industry. We invite you to read the research report and reflect on the work you need to be doing in yourself, in your organisation or in the organisations of which you are a member



Workshop 2 – 10 March 2022: Future Trends in Coaching Executive Report 2021

This brief snap-shot survey provides an interesting insight about the changing role of coaching during what is likely to emerge as a pivotal point in the development of coaching. This report provides an overview of the main findings from the 2021 Future Trends research project. The study was planned in 2020 and undertaken during a four-week period in June 2021.


A total of 1,380 responses were received over the four-week period, of which 1,266 consented to their data being included. Responses were received from 79 countries.


The questionnaire consisted of four streams: 1. Team coaching 2. Digital and online coaching 3. Future trends 4. Diversity and inclusion.



Workshop 3 – 7 April 2022:  How can we be allies for inclusive coaching mentoring and supervision in complex systems?

The workshop provides an opportunity with the authors and an expert panel to reflect on the research and identify practical actions for individuals and organisations, in relation to for example, allyship, unconscious bias, mentoring for underrepresented groups, global monitoring, humble enquiry and intersectionality.


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