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Hult Ashridge Qualifications and Apprenticeships


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Centre for Excellence in Executive Coaching

Hult Ashridge Qualifications and Apprenticeships is a centre of excellence for executive coaching and coaching supervision. We are an internationally recognised innovator and provider of standards for the coaching profession.



Masters in Executive Coaching

The aim of our flagship qualification is to support you and enable you to develop yourself as an executive coach to the full extent of your potential. The programme is designed to adapt to your personal strengths and coaching philosophy, to help you become the best coach you can be for a large variety of clients. Study face-to-face at Ashridge House or join us live online in our new virtual cohorts.



08:30 AM UTC

Coaching with the Body in Mind

Neuroscience research continues to confirm what has long been known in body-oriented practices, that we can reliably know the world through our senses, emotions and behaviours.  Coaching within the organisational setting can risk prioritizing the ‘head’ rather than the 'heart and body’ as we try to help our clients make sense of the increasingly complex challenges they face.  In this workshop we will introduce a model which recognizes a wider range of embodied knowing and begin to explore how this can be useful. 

About Us

With our progressive, relational and humanistic approach, we believe that the best learning happens through doing – practicing and experiencing the impact of new skills and behaviours. A philosophy that runs throughout Hult International Business School – the first triple-accredited business school in the US.


Our focus is on practical learning, because we know that knowledge through theory alone is not enough. Everything we do is powered by research, which means we constantly review and update our programme content to always stay current and relevant to leaders and organisations. Something we have been doing for over 60 years.


We want you to thrive in today’s modern workplace, so when you study with us, prepare to be hands on. Whether you're starting your executive coaching journey or you're already well established, you'll receive the support, guidance and supervision or our expert faculty.

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