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Find out more about our amazing line up of presenters

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Alessandro Pegoraro

Coach, Mentor and Supervisor

From 1983 to 2014, I worked in national and multinational companies as Il Sole 24 Ore, Yahoo! and British Telecom. I started my career as a coach in 2014. I accompany people, teams and organisations to successfully face an increasingly complex and contradictory world. I work for authentic leadership that is sustainable over time. In the desire to contribute to the development and growth of our industry, I volunteer as President of EMCC Italy.

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Alison Mitchell

EMCC Global Head of Research Development

Alison Mitchell is the EMCC Global Head of Research, leading our global research strategy. Alison is a Consultant, Executive Coach, and Director of Inclusive Development at University of Lincoln (UK) with international expertise in research capacity building through inclusive leadership, realising the potential of researchers for research, economic, and social impact.

Alison has worked at senior level with a wide spectrum of education, business and government agencies, with an enduring commitment to enhancing opportunities for all through education, research, science and innovation, and the value of inclusion, collaboration and co-creation for impact and social good.

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Angela da Silva

Programme Manager – Mentoring

Angela is the Mentoring Women in Business Programme Manager for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

She has extensive experience in mentoring and coaching in diverse communities in the UK and in Latin America. She holds an MSc in Globalisation and Latin American Development from the School of Advanced Study.

Angela is especially passionate about women’s empowerment, and in her free time ran a social enterprise working with small-scale cooperatives in low and middle income countries around the world.

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Auriel Majumdar

Creative Coach, Supervisor & Consultant

Auriel Majumdar is a Creative Coach, Supervisor, Consultant and Educator with more than 25 years experience as a leader, strategist and change maker.

Auriel specialises in leadership, team and personal development in the creative and cultural sector. Her coaching, mentoring, facilitation and teaching practices have an emphasis on the use of creative techniques to challenge individuals and teams to reflect on their experiences so they can continuously learn and develop.

Formerly Course Leader for the Masters in Coaching and Mentoring Programme at Sheffield Hallam University, Auriel combines her expert one to one and team coaching practice with consultancy, training, facilitation and public speaking. Her client list includes local and national cultural and arts organisations, artists, universities, businesses and charities. She is Vice Chair of Site Gallery in Sheffield and on the Advisory Group for No Bounds Festival and the Board of Music Local.

Auriel has a BSc. in Psychology from Durham University and a MSc. in Coaching and Mentoring from Sheffield Hallam University, a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education and a Professional Certificate of Advanced Study in Coaching Supervision.

Auriel is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and an EMCC Global accredited Master Practitioner Coach and Coach Supervisor practising within The Global Code of Ethics. She is also an accredited Time to Think coach,

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Beatriz Valderrama


Beatriz Valderrama is a Coach and Mentor.

A Master Practitioner accredited by EMCC Global, she is the President of EMCC Spain. A PhD in Organisational Psychology UCM, she is a writer and the author of diagnostic tools.

She works as a consultant, trainer and team coach. She is the founder and CEO of Alta Capacidad - Talento Organizacional.

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Bobby Joachim

People and Organization Coach

Bobby Joachim is a highly regarded People and Organization Development Consultant, renowned for his expertise in leveraging Cultural Intelligence as a Certified Advanced Professional Coach.

With a distinguished fellowship at the National Institute of Policy & Strategic Studies (NIPSS), he is often affectionately referred to as 'The Godfather,' embodying the qualities of a polymath dedicated to inspiring transformative shifts.

As the CEO of Tevuna Limited, a leading Learning and Development firm, Bobby Joachim spearheads the delivery of cutting-edge training and coaching services in Cultural Intelligence, Business Communications, Customer Service and Content Development.

His unwavering commitment is to enhance performance and drive business excellence across the globe.

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Brendan O'Hara


Brendan's lifelong passion is pioneering evidence-based solutions to complex problems using data and technology. After leading technology teams at Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan, he turned his focus to improving company cultures through AI-powered coaching.

As CTO of Untapped AI, Brendan heads research leveraging generative AI to disrupt traditional coaching models. His team has developed Self-Awareness AI that simulates human coaches to increase self-understanding.

Brendan is also spearheading R&D on Culture-Awareness AI, which provides collective team coaching tailored to an organisation's unique needs and values.

Untapped AI’s vision is to democratise access to coaching that drives behavioural change at an individual and company-wide level. Brendan firmly believes Generative AI can expand the reach of coaching and constructively shape how people communicate, collaborate, and grow together in the workplace.

Brendan co-founded Untapped AI with Kendal Parmar with the mission of using technology to positively transform company cultures from the bottom up. Over 9 years, the company has delivered online coaching to thousands of employees and evolved a methodology called Networked Coaching. This methodology received accreditation from EMCC Global for meeting global best practices. Brendan now leads the effort to enhance Networked Coaching with generative AI that personalises interactions and provides always-available support.

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Caron Evans

Untapped AI: Product & Insights Director

Caron initially joined the NHS to lead a radical alternative to admission to acute psychiatric wards. What followed was an extensive 18-year long career in Psychotherapy in the NHS (St. Thomas’ Teaching Hospital, London). She maintained a caseload with individuals facing severe and enduring mental health issues and was clinical supervisor to trainee psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists.

Caron also lectured at The Bowlby Centre - the primary attachment theory training for psychotherapists.

She was inspired by the power of interpersonal connection and is passionate about giving others, who otherwise would not have had the chance, access to psychological intervention. This belief in the power of democratisation also led to Caron’s curiosity about the role technology could play in improving access to psychological support.

Since Untapped AI’s inception, Caron has been spearheading its product development. She is the brains behind the Self-Awareness AI™ and the Organisational Insights that have created lasting and unique impact for our clients.

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Chiara Zerbini

Business & Executive Coach

After a long career in real estate, as a freelancer and as an entrepreneur, which brought me into the world of training and coaching as a client, I started the coaching profession in 2016.

I work with managers and entrepreneurs to improve and strengthen leadership, delegation, management and team engagement.

I am an expert in communication, sales and negotiation. I am part of the Board of Directors of EMCC Italia, an EMCC Global affiliated country.

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Cindy Muthukarapan

Executive Coach, Coach Mentor, Trainer, Assessor

Cindy Muthukarapan is an internationally recognized and experienced Executive and Leadership Coach, Coach Educator, Coach Assessor/Moderator, Mentor Coach and Director of Education. She has over 20 years of experience in the field of executive coaching, Mentor Coaching, leadership development, program design, and speaking at events. She is credentialed by the International Coach Federation as a Master Certified Coach since 2014.

Having contributed in the Personal, Social and Professional development field for over thirty years, she brings to the table a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience in the areas of personal mastery, emotional intelligence, change management and professional and leadership development. Drawing from multiply learning experiences and passionate in advancing coaching for all - in 2006, she started a company “Leading Edge Coaching and Training”.

Cindy served as President of the ICF South Africa Chapter in 2017/2018 and played a key role in both Chapter transformation, and growth and development of Coaches – contributing to the South Africa Chapter receiving a ‘High-Performance Chapter Award” at the ICF Global Conference in Vancouver, 2018.

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Damian Goldvarg

Global Leadership Development Expert, Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor

Dr. Damian Goldvarg has thirty years of experience in leadership development, working with individuals and organisations in over sixty countries.

He is a Master Certified Coach and received his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Alliant University. He is also the author and co-author of eight books, a Professional Certified Speaker (CSP), Accredited Team Coach (ACTC), and an Accredited Coach Supervisor (ESIA).

He facilitates global virtual certifications in Professional Coaching, Mentor Coaching, Team Coaching, and Coaching Supervision (ESQA). He was the 2013-2014 International Coaching Federation Global President and received the 2018 ICF Circle of Distinction Award, the 2019 EMCC Global Supervision Award, and 2023 GCA T. Leonard Humanitarian Award.

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David Goldsmith

Executive Director

David is the Founder and Executive Director of 7 Paths Forward (7PF); helping seasoned executive coaches raise their game and prepare for the rapidly evolving leadership
landscape by developing new mindsets and advanced coaching capabilities.

Over three thousand coaches worldwide have benefited from his teaching, coaching and mentorship.

David Goldsmith is a 33-year pioneer and one of the founders of the executive coaching profession. David has a track record of making a massive impact, both with the clients and organizations he works with, and for leaders and coaches in the industry. His mission is to grow the quality of coaching and leadership worldwide.

EMCC Global Accredited Master Pracitioner, ICF Master Coach, supervisor, team coach; Institute of Coaching – Harvard – Fellow; CCE Global Board certified coach

As a thought leader and educator David has:

Incorporated and launched the International Coaching Federation

Co-founded the Foundation of Coaching which is now the Institute of Coaching at Harvard University Medical School

David has regular speaking engagements in the USA and worldwide and is one of the top 5 speakers at

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Dawn Jarvis

Managing Director of People & OD Partners Ltd

Dawn has over 30 years' experience as a senior leader in the UK public sector at executive and board level and now runs her consultancy practice based in Australia and the UK.

She is an EMCC Global accredited coach, coach supervisor, and the author of Leading Corporate Clans which showcases her unique STELLAR MODEL® for leaders and team. This allows baselining on a leadership maturity matrix and provides a way to show improvement and ROI on team, coaching and leadership development.

Dawn is committed to challenging and supporting leaders and leadership teams to be better, for themselves, their people, their organisation and their communities, especially in the public and NFP sectors.

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Denise Whitworth

Director | Vice President Accreditation

Denise is a Volunteer member of the EMCC Global Executive Board as a Global Director, and EMCC Global Vice President Accreditation.

Her focus is on creating space and time to establish thought provoking, creative and collaborative dialogue that inspires leaders, teams and individuals to reflect, define and achieve ambitious goals, and be clear about their own underpinning values and beliefs to maximize potential.

She has held Senior Board level Executive leadership positions in Education (all phases including Higher Education and Teacher Training), International Business, Government Policy Adviser Departments and International Third Sector organisations. Her experience includes directing large-scale research and development projects, the design, delivery and evaluation of EU and International Projects to meet international funding priorities, leading organisational change and development, strategic planning, brand promotions, national and international research programmes, CPD, structure and prospects appraisals, mergers, performance reviews and establishing quality improvement systems and procedures to demonstrate impact and value for money.

As an experienced Consultant, Lead Assessor, Mentor and Coach for the National and International Professional Qualifications for Headship and Principals Qualifying Leadership Programmes she has worked extensively with Licensee Providers, Schools (including British and International Schools in Shanghai, Beijing, Cairo and Bahrain), Colleges, Academies, worldwide Universities and International Business Schools, and their associated wider community and business partners.

Through her roles as a Research Director, Chief Executive, Principal, Senior Executive Leader and Consultant with Private and Public sector organisations and Trustees she has successfully applied her leadership and governance experience, and specific experience as an EMCC Global Master Practitioner Mentor and Coach, Team Coach and Supervisor.

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Diane Wilkinson

Team and Leadership Coach

Diane Wilkinson and Dawn Jarvis have worked together for many years and collaborated extensively however it wasn’t until the pandemic when their deep partnership really took off. Dawn in Australia, Diane in the UK deciding to jump straight into mastering the art of online delivery and facilitation to fill the gaps in their diaries caused by various lockdowns. Together they have supported NHS frontline leaders, delivered “Listening to Leaders”, Female Leadership & Growth and are currently working on edition 3 of their book Inspiring Women ∞ Inspiring Women which is released each year on International Women’s Day with all proceeds going to a female charity. Both are skilled and experienced Team and Leadership Coaches and Facilitators.

Diane, founder of Connecting to Excellence, works with a cross-sector of clients in all parts of the world. Starting her career as a Quality Circles’ facilitator in the South African Electricity Industry, at all levels supporting productivity and people development across the whole organisation. Now she provides supportive challenge in coaching senior teams, leaders and facilitators in all sectors, face to face and online in an array of industries from energy trading, motor, pharmaceutical, film, business schools, construction, and health. Diane is an EMCC Global EIA Senior Practitioner and ICF Professional Certified Coach. She thoroughly enjoys enabling team development that is fun, challenging, interactive and improves bottom-line results.

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Dorota Raniszewska

Coach and Mentor

I work as a coach, mentor, speaker and author of books and exhibitions. EMCC Global Senior Practitioner. Accredited Coach by Polish Chamber of Coaching. I’ve been developing and teaching techniques of using photographs and photography in various coaching and personal growth contexts since 2013.

I've been teaching my original programme on “Photography in Coaching” approved by ICF for CCEU since 2016. My books in English: ‘ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing, and education. Notes from a personal journey', available on as well as “Photography in Palliative Care”. Since 2018, I’m actively involved as a coach in social programmes focused on human rights, gender equity and women empowerment.

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Dr Chandana Sanyal

Associate Professor

Chandana Sanyal is an Associate Professor in Human Resource Management and Development at Middlesex University and a Fellow Member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and Higher Education Academy.

She is the EMCC Global Individual Accreditation Lead. Chandana is an EMCC Global EIA Master Practitioner Coach and Mentor and EMCC Global ITCA Senior Practitioner Team Coach.

Chandana completed her Coach-Mentor Supervision training with the Tavistock Institute in Human Relations in 2022. She teaches on several postgraduate programmes and her specialist teaching areas include individual, team and organisational learning, professional practice, organisational behaviour, coaching, mentoring, action learning and leadership development.

Her recent consultancy and research projects with organisations include longitudinal research on entrepreneurship mentoring with Youth Business International (YBI), impact evaluation of coaching with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Academy Mentoring Programme evaluation. Chandana has published several book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles in the areas of management education and professional development.

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Dr Julie Haddock-Millar

Visiting Professor and Associate Professor (Practice) of Human Resource Management

Dr Julie Haddock-Millar is Associate Professor of Human Resource Development, Middlesex University and Visiting Professor at the International University of Monaco.

She is the EMCC Global Work Group Lead for the International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes. Julie is an EMCC Global EIA Master Practitioner Coach and Mentor, EMCC Global IPMA Master Practitioner Coaching and Mentoring Programme Manager and EMCC Global ITCA Practitioner Team Coach.

Julie is an experienced consultant and researcher undertaking significant global programme impact evaluations with organisations such as Médecins Sans Frontières, Youth Business International and Cherie Blair Foundation for Women.

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Dr Paul Stokes

Associate Professor of Coaching and Mentoring

Dr Paul Stokes is Associate Professor of Coaching and Mentoring at Sheffield Business School, Sheffield Hallam University, in the UK.

He is accredited at Master Practitioner level with EMCC Global and an experienced consultant, researcher, coach, mentor and coach-supervisor.

He has published many book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles on coaching and mentoring and has also co-written two best-selling texts on coaching and mentoring–Mentoring in Action (together with Professor David Clutterbuck, Bob Garvey and David Megginson) and Coaching and Mentoring Theory and Practice (together with Professor Bob Garvey).

In 2002, he co-founded one of the first Masters programmes in Coaching and Mentoring in the UK which is accredited at Master Practitioner level by EMCC Global.

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Dr Riza Kadilar


Dr Riza Kadilar is the EMCC Global President. He has provided executive coaching to a large number of executives in the Turkish business environment, delivered on many coaching programmes, and has advised on the setting of up of mentoring programmes for various leading institutions.

Riza is also an assessor/verifier for European Commission Executive Office for SMEs, and head of TechMentoring Institute at European Leadership University. He is a scientific committee member at Institut du Bosphore (Paris), and a trustee and board member at Hisar Education Foundation (Istanbul).

Riza regularly speaks at international conferences and is the author of five published books in Turkish, and columnist at Bloomberg Businessweek Turkey.

Dr. Kadilar contributes to the democratization of learning & development with his online platform (RK Academy) and also with his EMCC Global Quality Award recipient online micro credential course (MOOC) on coaching and mentoring. Dr. Kadilar’s current focus area is the effective use of executive coaching and mentoring for inclusive leadership development.

He is an investor in technology startups, and provides business development and financial advisory services through his company K Ventures. Alumni of Stanford University, HEC Paris, METU, and INSEAD, Dr. Riza Kadilar has a PhD in media economics. His professional career includes senior level bank management for almost thirty years in France, UK, Netherlands and Turkey. He is an EMCC Global accredited coach (EIA) at Senior Practitioner level, and ISMCP assessor.

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Dr Vinod K Sharma

Certified Leadership & Executive Coach

Dr V K Sharma is an accredited EMCC Global Senior Practitioner, ICF-PCC Leadership & Executive Coach |CEO Coach |Life Coach | Author.

V K will bring his expertise in enabling leaders in bringing out the best from themselves as an individual and as a team. V K has an excellent blend of over 3 decades of experience in Business Management and Coaching leaders.

He himself has worked at senior leadership roles in corporate as Vice President or Senior Vice President positions for over a decade, which gives him an excellent understanding of Leaders requirements and issues they face at Senior Leadership positions.

His certification/ training accomplishments are:
• ICF -PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by International Coaching Federation.
• Certified Executive Coach as well as Certified Team Coach by Marshall Goldsmith, USA.
• Certified Executive Coach by John Mattone Global Inc. USA.
• Accredited Senior Practitioner Coach by EMCC Global
• Certified Global Leadership coach by Global Coach Group, Hong Kong.
• Certified Coach by Erickson Coaching International, Canada
• Certified NLP Master Practitioner from ANLP.
• EQ Certification from Sixseconds, USA.
• Certified NLP Advanced Life Coach from ANLP.
• Certified DISC Profile Analyst from Personality Insights Inc.

This gives him a more complete human approach while enabling the leaders in realising their potential and contributions significantly better for their organisations.

His academic background includes a Masters Degree in Science, & Marketing Management. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (Specialisation in Marketing Management) from IMT, Ghaziabad, Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological Counselling. He has a Ph.D in Management. He also has a Diploma in Innovation management from the International Business Management Institute, Berlin (Germany) and Certificate in Digital Transformation from Virginia University, USA.

His publications are:
• Amazon Bestseller “Leadership Coaching in India” - 2020
• Amazon Bestseller “The Art of Taking Best from People- The Principals of People Management” - 2021
• “Role Dynamics in Pharma Sales Management” in year 2021
• “Traditions in Pharma Business- Time to Break the Chain” in Year - 2022
• His 5 articles published in different national & international journals.

V K has served as an Expert Consultant to top Research agencies across the Globe. He has been a speaker in different national & international conferences. V K is currently working as Founder & Director at Dezin Consulting Private Limited, Mumbai & Visiting Professor at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Science (NMIMS), Mumbai.

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Dr Eleftheria Egel

Female Mentor, Scholar, Impact-driven Educational Entrepreneur

Eleftheria has devoted her career to working with women entrepreneurs from all over the world. She guides them to enhance their human and professional capabilities and build mission-driven businesses. Her latest entrepreneurial endeavour is EOS Academy; a pre-seed online learning platform for women social entrepreneurs. Her practice is informed by her scholarly research on female leadership & entrepreneurship, sustainability and (Islamic) spiritual leadership.

Currently, Eleftheria serves as Executive Board Member of One Planet Education Networks , Advisory Board Member of Ethics International Press and Startup Mentor at Founder Institute.

She is a fervent community supporter. Among other initiatives, she co-founded #SheHustlesAfrica in Nigeria together with the indigenous NGO AKAWI to assist local women entrepreneurs solve business challenges and grow.

Close to her heart lies empowerment and education of underprivileged girls.

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Dr Kathryn M Downing

Coaching Supervisor, Executive Coach, Author, and Speaker

Dr. Kathryn M. Downing, DProf., J.D., ESIA

Kathryn is in the midst of a major life transition from being a coaching supervisor, executive coach, author, and speaker to concluding her professional endeavours and retiring in the Winter of 2023.

She loves all aspects of coaching supervision and coaching. She is joyfully letting go of these and moving into living fully into many other loves in her life including play, adventure, family and friends.

Her professional endeavours included being a member of the Faculty Team at Hudson Institute of Coaching (US), Co-Lead Faculty for the CSA Certificate in Developing Self as Group Coaching Supervisor and Co-Leader of the ICF Community of Practice for Coaching Supervision.

She lives in Los Angeles, California. In addition to being a wife, grandmother and favourite aunt, she enjoys hiking, beach walks, cooking, travels and adventure.

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Efe Olokpa

Senior Programme Manager – Mentoring

Efe joined the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women in 2019. Previously with Ambition Institute as a Programme Manager, she led on recruitment and delivery of their Governance Leadership Programme in partnership with the Confederation of School Trusts. Before that Efe worked for causes supporting trafficked women and human rights activists. She is passionate about women’s empowerment as well as youth and community development work.

At the Foundation, Efe manages the delivery of the Mentoring Women in Business Programme in 60 low and middle income countries across the world. She oversees the day-to-day delivery and account management of the Foundation’s portfolio of successful partnerships with institutional partners such as USAID, US Department of State, and private sector partners such a Bank of America, PayPal and Blackstone. She also oversees the programme’s day to day monitoring and evaluation and the development of bespoke, impactful service offerings tailored to partner specifications.

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Felicia Lauw

Thinking Partner, Executive Coach, Mentor and Supervisor

Felicia is passionate about thriving human connections. She works in partnership with the people she serves to co-create sustainable growth for our society through healthy, energising and honest dialogue.

Born and raised in Singapore, Felicia is of Chinese descent with a touch of Malay heritage. Raised in a multilingual and multicultural society, she has spent her professional life travelling and living in many parts of Asia, as well as briefly in Paris and Utah.

She is a Global Voice for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Association of Coaching Supervisors, a member of the EMCC Supervision for Centre for Excellence, an ESIA (EMCC Global Supervisor Individual Accreditation) Assessor, Assessor Mentor and a winner of the 2020 EMCC Global Supervision Award.

Since 2009, she has been bridging Western thought structures and Eastern philosophy in her work as a practising executive coach/mentor and supervisor, as well as a coach/mentor/supervisor educator. She speaks fluent English and Chinese and is a watercolour artist.

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Holly Birkinshaw

Assistant Development and Support Manager

Holly Birkinshaw is the Assistant Development and Support Manager with the National Institute of Health and Care Research. Holly supports the NIHR Mentoring Programme for postdoctoral Academy Members.

The aim of the programme is to support the academic and career development of our postdoctoral communities. The refreshed NIHR Academy programme supports postdoctoral Academy Members from a broad range of professional and disciplinary contexts across diverse health and social care communities to seek a mentor from the senior NIHR leadership community.

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Haesun Moon, Ph.D.

Director of Training

Dr. Haesun Moon is a Communication Scientist, Adult Educator, and Researcher. She is the Executive Director at the Canadian Centre for Brief Coaching in Toronto and holds a Ph.D. in Adult Education and Community Development from the University of Toronto.

Dr. Moon has made significant contributions in the areas in Evidence-Based Coaching, Dialogic Organisational Development, and Heutagogical Approach to Education. She's an esteemed instructor at both the University of Toronto, and the Institute of Coaching affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

She's published various works, including "Coaching A to Z: The extraordinary use of ordinary words"


and "Appreciative and Relational Practices in Healthcare."

An internationally recognised speaker, Dr. Moon has delivered keynote addresses at global conferences, pioneering the essence of transformative conversations in both academic and professional settings.

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Hema Vyas

The Omnipreneurial Psychologist™

Hema Vyas is an award-winning psychologist, keynote speaker (The Conduit, The Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour London, Soho House, Dubai Future Foundation) and corporate wellness mentor with over 30 years of experience in private practice. She is a mentor and advisor to innovative thinkers and is one of the UK’s most prestigious therapists.

Omnipreneurs value health, humanity and sustainability in personal and business practices.

As The Omnipreneurial Psychologist™ speaker, Hema shares on a variety of topics that integrate psychology, spirituality, wellness and heart-centered leadership with warmth and impact. Hema Vyas Consultancy specializes in leadership and wellness, teaching heart intelligence as the way to lead in today’s business world.

Hema's unique approach addresses the silent heartaches and aspirations that drive high achieving individuals, whom she describes as humble, curious and accomplished. When leaders face their own challenges and disappointments, empathy, creativity and resilience are heightened: which can drive sustainable prosperity with a positive impact. This reimagines the future of leadership as synonymous with heart-centered values.

Hema's talks, workshops and guided meditations have touched the lives of thousands and in 2022 and 2023 she was recognized with several awards, including the UK Health Radio Award for Self-Development Service of the Year. Hema is a featured author in ‘Voices of the 21st Century: Women Transforming the World’ and is currently working on her own book, ‘The Silent Heartache of High Achievers: The Greatest Gift You Can Give to Humanity is to Heal Yourself.’

In 2019 Hema was keynote speaker at The Conscious Living and Working Conference. She also led a Heart Wisdom workshop series at London’s Soho House and gave talks at The Conduit and The Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour, London. Hema was asked to speak at the The Credibility Nation Summit, Dubai Future Foundation, The Best You at London’s ExCel, and at the Mind, Body, Spirit Festival. More recently, she guided inspirational virtual and live workshops for US-based corporate away-day specialists Team Bonding, eco-luxury brand Bamford, Gerald Edelman, Ubiquity University, Positive Life, Global Women’s Voice, the UK’s Durham University and The Mandrake Hotel.

She is known in business, from CEOs to Creatives, for her powerful, healing presence and wisdom. Journey with Hema at Havens, transformational retreats for healing and learning the Mediterranean, India, Indonesia and the UAE.

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Ivan Yong

Adjunct Professor

Ivan is the founder of Nanyang Angelz, an Angel Investment Group and an Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation with UNITAR, Malaysia.

He is also the Startup Mentor for Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and speaker at Startup events such as StartupLand Egypt.

Ivan volunteers for EMCC Global as the Head of Social Responsibility Initiatives, and is Co-President for EMCC Asia Pacific Region.

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Jacob Sønderskov

Consultant, Facilitator, Coach

Jacob Sønderskov is an EMCC Global Master Practitioner and has been working with coaching since 2006 and has trained coaches since 2010.

In 2019, he founded the consultancy "Dialogical Design" where he specializes in dialogical development of people and organisations.

He is part of the EMCC Global Assessment team and President of the EMCC Danish Board.

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Jennifer Britton

Founder and CEO

Coach, author and thought leader in the area of group and team coaching, Jennifer has also been an advocate for team performance for several decades. Since the early 1990s she’s led teams and programming virtually, first in the international humanitarian sector leading teams for the UN, and later through her company, Potentials Realized, an award-winning coaching skills training company.

Virtual, remote and hybrid work is the focus of her recent TEDx talk, and her latest book series, "Reconnecting Workspaces: Pathways to Thrive in the Virtual, Remote and Hybrid World".

As a long time coach educator, Jennifer is fascinated by the diverse approaches and strengths coaches activate in service to their clients. This led her to develop the Team and Group Coaching Superpower Quiz in 2022. It has now become the basis of an ICF-CCE approved training program - ACTIVATE Your Group and Team Coaching Superpowers.

Jennifer's goal is to have 25,000 coaches take the quiz during the period of 2022-2024. Join us and learn more about your superpowers.

She is the author of seven books including "Reconnecting Workspaces", and the "90-Day Guide for Success", along with "Effective Group Coaching" (Wiley, 2010 – the world’s first book to be published on group coaching), "From One to Many: Best Practices for Team and Group Coaching" (Jossey-Bass, 2013), "Effective Virtual Conversations" (2017), and "PlanDoTrack Workbook and Planner for Virtual and Remote Professionals" (2019).

Jennifer is also the co-host of the Remote Pathways podcast which explores the people, places and processes of remote work.

Potentials Realized - Jennifer's company offers a number of ICF CCE approved programs for coaches in the areas of group and team coaching and virtual conversations, including 60 and 125 hour pathways to certification as team and group coaches. She is also a sought after group and team coaching supervisor.

Learn more about Jennifer’s work at:

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Juta Palmera

Leading Consultant

Juta's task in Fontes is to evaluate talent, to train and act as a development coach.

From outside Fontes looks like a well-oiled machine while from inside it operates like a matching set of a compatible hive.

Juta is interested in ones personality, its motives and personal story, the different aspects of its existence. She is also fascinated by ones potential as a member of a team and a part of a whole organisation. She likes to explore within the thesis of “Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)”.

By nature, I'm a well-organised creator. Juta appreciates establishing the systematical order and then enjoying going with the flow within it afterwards.

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Kendal Parmar


Kendal started out her career in Clinical Psychology and eventually took up the role of Director of People at Airmiles (a subsidiary of British Airways). There, she was struck by the need to reimagine what culture means at work because it was seen that culture always appeared as the “soft and fluffy” work. Yet, Kendal firmly believed that culture was, and still is, the hardest thing of all to build and is what’s behind any successful company.

This led Kendal to create the methodology behind The Sunday Times “Best Companies to Work For” list and what inspired her to start Untapped AI whose business is solely about helping companies make organisational culture shifts through digital coaching.

For Kendal, a central theme and mission that underlines what Untapped AI is today was changing the system to build a more equitable workplace. She realised that it was possible to create not only individual change, but systemic change throughout organisations. By partnering with co-founder Brendan O’Hara, she realised that data for good could lead the way in bringing this mission to life.

Alongside Untapped AI, Kendal has a passion for public speaking and women’s equality.

Having spoken at events such as DAVOS - World Economic Forum (WEF) and Women in Tech, she excels at getting audiences to speak up, shift mindsets, and re-ignite their confidence.

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Letizia Di Bartolomeo


Every day I get more bored with theories if they are not accompanied by the experience of transformation and development.

I love the collective development of organizations and social groups, more than strictly individual learning.

Specialties: Pedagogue, Doctor in Educational Sciences, Master in Organizational Development and process consulting.

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Lily Seto

Program Director

Lily is a global leadership coach coaching supervisor. She is an EMCC Global EIA Master Practitioner and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Besides her coaching practice, Lily also trains and develops coaches around the world through an ICF Level 1 Coaching accredited training programme as well as co-facilitating a Group Coaching SuperVision programme.

Lily was one of the first coaching supervisors to be trained in North America over 10 years ago. Since then, she has been supervising internal and external coaches, both individually and in groups. She currently facilitates special interest supervision/reflection spaces that include Black, Indigenous, People of Colour, Social and Environmental Justice, Team Coaching Supervision, and general groups for experienced and newer coaches. Coach participants come from around the world, which adds to the richness of the conversations.

Lily has also presented at numerous conferences and written chapters in various coaching supervision books.
She feels honoured to be invited to work and co-facilitate in the Indigenous space here in Canada.

Contact information:

Lily respectfully acknowledges the W̱SÁNEĆ and Coast Salish Peoples whose traditional lands she is grateful to live, work, and play on.

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Lise Lewis

Coach, Coach Supervisor, Author, Researcher, Keynote, EMCC Global Special Ambassador

Dr Lise Lewis Chartered FCIPD MBA
EMCC Global Special Ambassador + EMCC Global President 2011-2017

A Global Leadership Coach, Executive Mentor, Conference Speaker, Author and Owner of Bluesky International a global provider of EMCC Global accredited Coach | Mentor and Coach Supervisor training.

An international award-winning coach | coach supervisor accredited EMCC Global Master Practitioner Coach and ESIA Coach Supervisor.

Lise brings a wealth of coaching experience culminating in working at Executive level. She led an international team of multi-nationals for 6 years combining knowledge with practical application.

Following completion of a Doctoral study in Executive Coaching Lise focuses her practice on Relational Leadership including applying a unique feedback approach The Relational Leadership WAY to facilitate the giving and receiving of feedback.

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Lucy Daykin

Founder and co-CEO

Lucy Daykin is the founder and co-CEO of Big Thinking Space a global consultancy that brings you accredited coaches to wherever you are! Big Thinking Space is a digital first organisation that provides award-winning coach development programmes, executive coaching, coach supervision, team coaching, leadership development and culture transformation.

Prior to launching the company in 2023, Lucy was the Global Head of Coaching at Grant Thornton International. Leading their highly successful EMCC Global Accredited Exceptional Coach Programme for member firms, senior partners and CEOs. 

She has 20 years’ global experience in people development and business consulting in consultancies, start-ups, corporates and partnership.

Accredited EMCC Master Practitioner, Supervisor, Team coach; EMCC Global Ambassador; NLP Master Practitioner.

Lucy has won a number of awards from Coaching at Work magazine and from EMCC Global for her work, and being featured on the Accelerating Coach Excellence programme.

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Maiten Panella

Business Psychologist. Psychotherapist. Executive Coach

Maiten Panella is a Psychologist, Psychotherapist and Executive Coach, Senior Practitioner accredited by EMCC Global.

She is the Head of Accreditations at EMCC Spain and a member of the EMCC Centre of Excellence CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

Also a member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School and APA (American Psychological Association), she works internationally as an Executive Coach and a Trainer.

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Melissa Richardson

Mentor | Coach | Consultant | Entrepreneur

Melissa Richardson is one of Australia’s experts in coaching and mentoring, having worked in the field for over twenty-five years. She provides executive coaching and mentoring and works with senior leaders, business founders and entrepreneurs. She is trained to supervise coaches and mentors. She has experience across a broad spectrum of industries including professional services, government, financial services, building & construction, packaged goods, retail, telecommunications, and industry associations.

Melissa began her career in large FMCG multinationals, making her way to Marketing Director and leadership team member. She later co-founded a brand strategy and market research firm, where she led a practice specialising in corporate brand development, vision and culture alignment, and strategic planning.

Her interest in mentoring led her to co-found Art of Mentoring in 2015 with her son, Alex Richardson, later selling that business. She was CEO at Art of Mentoring until May, 2022, and exited fully in June 2023.

A lifelong learner and enthusiast for personal and professional development, Melissa has an undergraduate degree in psychology, postgraduate qualifications in Strategic Marketing, in Counselling, a Masters degree in Organisational Coaching, Diploma of Coaching Supervision, and is trained in Crucial Conversations, NLP and Play of Life. She is accredited in profiling tools such as LEA, LSI, Birkman and Personal Directions.

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Michelle Chambers

Global Executive Team & Leadership Coach

Michelle is an expert systemic coach, facilitator and consultant who partners with clients on individual, team and organizational solutions that measurably improve their performance and results.

Her specialty areas include systemic team coaching; leadership development & coaching; change and culture strategy development; strategic planning and process facilitation.

She brings over 30 years of global experience working with organizations such as JCI Technologies; Toyota; Royal Bank; Ontario Public Service; Hydro Ottawa; St. Michael’s Hospital and Region of Peel.

Her work has enabled her clients to achieve individual, team and organizational effectiveness in areas such as culture change; enhanced collaboration; improved employee engagement; improved team effectiveness and achievement of key organizational change strategies including service delivery transformation.

In her last corporate role, she was responsible for leadership development, enterprise wide across Canada for TELUS Mobility. Michelle is a Certified Team Performance Coach™ and Senior Faculty Member with Team Coaching International and the Global Team Coaching Institute. She is also the Program Director for the Centre for Organization Development & Change with the Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University.

Michelle is a published author and has spoken at conferences such as EMCC Global, ICF, ODN, HRPA, CSTD/I4PL; Coach at Work and IODA. In 2022, Michelle received the ICF Prism Award for Coaching Excellence. Michelle is passionate about supporting organizations that create cultures of engagement so that individuals can fulfill their purpose and positively impact business performance.

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Michelle DeGroot

Professional Coach

I have developed and applied leadership and professional skills for 25 years while working on many transformative initiatives. For the last 19 years, it has been specifically in the health and wellness field.

While working for Indigenous non-profits, my skill development included relationship building, strategic and tactical planning, team building, organisational development (within one organisation and amongst partners including governments, First Nations, health authorities and other non-profit organisations) and coaching. I utilise these skills to support my current role at the First Nation Health Authority in British Columbia, to lead a team of professionals in the Community Health and Wellness Department.

My coaching approach creates a space for individuals to gain insight in to their specific professional and personal goals and identify how to achieve them. This approach also aligns with my commitment to support others enhancing their skill set through the Indigenous Coach Training Programme.

As a co-developer and co-facilitator (alongside other certified/credentialed coaches), we offer a 4-month certificate program which is grounded in culture and allows space for participants to share their teachings to strengthen their learnings.

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Nicola Brown

Accreditation Communications

Nicola Brown is the communications lead for EMCC Global Accreditation. She developed and now hosts EMCC Global’s GPS Dialogue Series as well as EMCC Global’s Five Day Challenge, helping coaches, mentors and supervisors achieve their individual accreditations.

Nicola is a Chartered Public Relations practitioner, an accreditation awarded by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) earned through a commitment to professional development and learning in communications over a number of years. She is the vice-chair of the CIPR’s Greater London Group and an elected member of the CIPR Global’s Council.

A former journalist, Nicola now runs her own strategic communications consultancy and advises Boards on reputational matters and brand positioning and engagement; combining this with executive coaching. She is a founder member of Coaching Associates, a team of executive coaches drawn from technology, sales, health and finance sectors.

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Olivia Gadd

Founder and Co-CEO

Olivia Gadd is the founder and co-CEO of Big Thinking Space a global consultancy that brings you accredited coaches to wherever you are! Big Thinking Space is a digital first organisation that provides award-winning coach development programmes, executive coaching, coach supervision, team coaching, leadership development and culture transformation.

Prior to launching the company in 2023, she was a senior facilitator and coach supervisor on Grant Thornton International’s Exceptional Coach Programme EQA.

Olivia has a 25-year career working with and on boards, specialising in strategy, marketing and communication. She has executive and non-executive experience in corporates,
partnerships, consultancies and start-ups.

EMCC Global Master Practitioner (EIA), EMCC Global Ambassador, EMCC Global Supervisor (ESIA), EMCC Global Team Coach (ITCA), NLP Master Practitioner, Chartered Marketer, Chartered Public Relations Professional, MBA and Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts.

Olivia has over 10 years’ experience as an executive coach and business mentor, working with clients all over the world. She was instrumental in winning the 2020 Global Coaching Award from EMCC Global.

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Professor David Clutterbuck

Practice Lead

David Clutterbuck is one of the early pioneers of developmental coaching and mentoring and co-founder of EMCC Global.

Author of more than 70 books, including the first evidence-based titles on coaching culture and team coaching, he is visiting professor at four business schools.

He leads a global network of specialist mentoring and coaching training consultants, Clutterbuck CMI.

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