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Caron Evans

Caron Evans

Untapped AI: Product & Insights Director

Untapped AI


Rise of the Machines: Will Generative AI Sound the Death Knell for Human Coaches?
13/11/23, 14:00

Caron initially joined the NHS to lead a radical alternative to admission to acute psychiatric wards. What followed was an extensive 18-year long career in Psychotherapy in the NHS (St. Thomas’ Teaching Hospital, London). She maintained a caseload with individuals facing severe and enduring mental health issues and was clinical supervisor to trainee psychiatrists, psychologists, and psychotherapists.

Caron also lectured at The Bowlby Centre - the primary attachment theory training for psychotherapists.

She was inspired by the power of interpersonal connection and is passionate about giving others, who otherwise would not have had the chance, access to psychological intervention. This belief in the power of democratisation also led to Caron’s curiosity about the role technology could play in improving access to psychological support.

Since Untapped AI’s inception, Caron has been spearheading its product development. She is the brains behind the Self-Awareness AI™ and the Organisational Insights that have created lasting and unique impact for our clients.

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