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Dorota Raniszewska

Dorota Raniszewska


Coach and Mentor

OFF WORDS Dorota Raniszewska


Emotions, thoughts and body in change. How can photographs and embodiment help in coaching through a sensed complexity?
13/11/23, 12:00

I work as a coach, mentor, speaker and author of books and exhibitions. EMCC Global Senior Practitioner. Accredited Coach by Polish Chamber of Coaching. I’ve been developing and teaching techniques of using photographs and photography in various coaching and personal growth contexts since 2013.

I've been teaching my original programme on “Photography in Coaching” approved by ICF for CCEU since 2016. My books in English: ‘ONE IMAGE – MANY WORDS. Photography in personal development, healing, and education. Notes from a personal journey', available on as well as “Photography in Palliative Care”. Since 2018, I’m actively involved as a coach in social programmes focused on human rights, gender equity and women empowerment.

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