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Felicia Lauw

Felicia Lauw


Thinking Partner, Executive Coach, Mentor and Supervisor

Reflect4Ward Pte. Ltd.


Supervision - Continuous Professional Development and Duty of Care
17/11/23, 08:00

Felicia is passionate about thriving human connections. She works in partnership with the people she serves to co-create sustainable growth for our society through healthy, energising and honest dialogue.

Born and raised in Singapore, Felicia is of Chinese descent with a touch of Malay heritage. Raised in a multilingual and multicultural society, she has spent her professional life travelling and living in many parts of Asia, as well as briefly in Paris and Utah.

She is a Global Voice for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for the Association of Coaching Supervisors, a member of the EMCC Supervision for Centre for Excellence, an ESIA (EMCC Global Supervisor Individual Accreditation) Assessor, Assessor Mentor and a winner of the 2020 EMCC Global Supervision Award.

Since 2009, she has been bridging Western thought structures and Eastern philosophy in her work as a practising executive coach/mentor and supervisor, as well as a coach/mentor/supervisor educator. She speaks fluent English and Chinese and is a watercolour artist.

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