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Ruairí Kelleher

Ruairí Kelleher



EDelia Group


Using a Coaching approach to support the mental wellbeing of high performing athletes - A partnership between Saint Piran Professional Cycling Club and EDelia Coaching
14/11/23, 16:00

Ruairí has 40 years’ experience as a coach and educator and is currently CEO of EDelia Group, a Global Provider of EMCC Global accredited programmes.

Ruairí is a former teacher, year head, principal, mentor, Ireland Department of Education advisor, mentor trainer, conference speaker, staff development facilitator, writer and consultant.

He and his team have been engaged with Munster Technological University over the past 4 years in a programme based on the ISMCP Benchmark Standards which is attracting a lot of attention as it continues to embed a coaching and mentoring culture throughout the University with the guidance of EMCC Global.

Ruairí continues to design and facilitate EMCC Global's accredited courses for leaders and managers running in Dublin, Cork, and Waterford.

Ruairí spent eight years developing, delivering and assessing the mentoring syllabus with the National Induction Programme for Teachers, now known as ‘Droichead’. Ruairí was the mentor representative on the steering committee of the Teaching Council of Ireland for three years. He designed and currently delivers the mentoring modules on the Masters in Teaching and Learning at two third level institutions.

Ruairí brings decades of knowledge to his coaching approach coupled with extensive group facilitation skills.

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