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Shivangi Walke

Shivangi Walke


Founder & Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Thrive with Mentoring


The impact of Thrive with Mentoring
16/11/23, 08:00

I have led global teams for more than two decades and run my own ventures for the last 8 years. The constant fixture in all my roles both in corporate and as an entrepreneur has been people. All the mess, chaos, and light that comes with leading people-driven businesses.

All the theatrics and all the drama. And the extraordinary capacity of us humans to go above and beyond, to make possible what seemed impossible.

I have found leadership and guidance in the most unlikely of places. Usually by chance. That has made me believe that such an impactful yet intangible task can’t be left to chance.

Hence, my intention is to create leaders that people want to follow through my diverse commercial and non-profit ventures.

I've trained, and coached leaders and leadership teams in over 40 countries for organizations like Google, Airbus, Johnson & Johnson, Syngenta, Roche, and Pfizer. I have inspired thousands of people globally through my non-profit Thrive with Mentoring and through my keynotes and speeches, including at TEDx.

If you are a leader who wants to build your leadership brand through inner work and Public Speaking, check out is a platform I founded that helps women lead an abundant life.

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