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Vijayalakshmi S

Vijayalakshmi S


Master Coach & Mentor



Mentoring - Co-creating the Future to Support Holistic Growth
16/11/23, 06:00

Vijayalakshmi is an award-winning Master Coach & Mentor (EMCC Global Master Practitioner and ICF MCC), and a multi-faceted Management Professional with a rich background in Consulting, Human Resources & Law. With 3250+ hours of experience over 22 years across Executive, Leadership Wellness & Conflict Coaching, she is also a Systemic & Team Coach amongst the first globally to earn ICF-ACTC. She is an acclaimed speaker on Coaching & Leadership, and a seasoned Coach-Mentor.

Viji is the founder of CoachConsult, an integrated Coaching and Management Consulting practice which is driven by the guiding belief - “Play at Full Potential”, wherein every individual and entity has the potential to perform at their best. Her professional specialities include visioning, leadership development, culture & change, coaching, mentoring and performance.

She served as President ICF Chennai Charter Chapter (2020-22), Chair ICF India Conclave (2021), first recipient of ICF India Coaching Excellence Guru Award (2022); and ‘highly commended’ in EMCC Global Coaching Awards (2021).

Viji is a Coaching Evangelist and the Founding Volunteer Leader of CoachesForYou, an impactful probono coaching initiative of the professional Coaching Community that came into existence in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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