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Brendan O'Hara
Untapped AI

Brendan's lifelong passion is pioneering evidence-based solutions to complex problems using data and technology. After leading technology teams at Deutsche Bank and JP Morgan, he turned his focus to improving company cultures through AI-powered coaching.

As CTO of Untapped AI, Brendan heads research leveraging generative AI to disrupt traditional coaching models. His team has developed Self-Awareness AI that simulates human coaches to increase self-understanding.

Brendan is also spearheading R&D on Culture-Awareness AI, which provides collective team coaching tailored to an organisation's unique needs and values.

Untapped AI’s vision is to democratise access to coaching that drives behavioural change at an individual and company-wide level. Brendan firmly believes Generative AI can expand the reach of coaching and constructively shape how people communicate, collaborate, and grow together in the workplace.

Brendan co-founded Untapped AI with Kendal Parmar with the mission of using technology to positively transform company cultures from the bottom up. Over 9 years, the company has delivered online coaching to thousands of employees and evolved a methodology called Networked Coaching. This methodology received accreditation from EMCC Global for meeting global best practices. Brendan now leads the effort to enhance Networked Coaching with generative AI that personalises interactions and provides always-available support.

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