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Denise Whitworth
EMCC Global

Denise is a Volunteer member of the EMCC Global Executive Board as a Global Director, and EMCC Global Vice President Accreditation.

Her focus is on creating space and time to establish thought provoking, creative and collaborative dialogue that inspires leaders, teams and individuals to reflect, define and achieve ambitious goals, and be clear about their own underpinning values and beliefs to maximize potential.

She has held Senior Board level Executive leadership positions in Education (all phases including Higher Education and Teacher Training), International Business, Government Policy Adviser Departments and International Third Sector organisations. Her experience includes directing large-scale research and development projects, the design, delivery and evaluation of EU and International Projects to meet international funding priorities, leading organisational change and development, strategic planning, brand promotions, national and international research programmes, CPD, structure and prospects appraisals, mergers, performance reviews and establishing quality improvement systems and procedures to demonstrate impact and value for money.

As an experienced Consultant, Lead Assessor, Mentor and Coach for the National and International Professional Qualifications for Headship and Principals Qualifying Leadership Programmes she has worked extensively with Licensee Providers, Schools (including British and International Schools in Shanghai, Beijing, Cairo and Bahrain), Colleges, Academies, worldwide Universities and International Business Schools, and their associated wider community and business partners.

Through her roles as a Research Director, Chief Executive, Principal, Senior Executive Leader and Consultant with Private and Public sector organisations and Trustees she has successfully applied her leadership and governance experience, and specific experience as an EMCC Global Master Practitioner Mentor and Coach, Team Coach and Supervisor.

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