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Diane Wilkinson
Connecting to Excellence

Diane Wilkinson and Dawn Jarvis have worked together for many years and collaborated extensively however it wasn’t until the pandemic when their deep partnership really took off. Dawn in Australia, Diane in the UK deciding to jump straight into mastering the art of online delivery and facilitation to fill the gaps in their diaries caused by various lockdowns. Together they have supported NHS frontline leaders, delivered “Listening to Leaders”, Female Leadership & Growth and are currently working on edition 3 of their book Inspiring Women ∞ Inspiring Women which is released each year on International Women’s Day with all proceeds going to a female charity. Both are skilled and experienced Team and Leadership Coaches and Facilitators.

Diane, founder of Connecting to Excellence, works with a cross-sector of clients in all parts of the world. Starting her career as a Quality Circles’ facilitator in the South African Electricity Industry, at all levels supporting productivity and people development across the whole organisation. Now she provides supportive challenge in coaching senior teams, leaders and facilitators in all sectors, face to face and online in an array of industries from energy trading, motor, pharmaceutical, film, business schools, construction, and health. Diane is an EMCC Global EIA Senior Practitioner and ICF Professional Certified Coach. She thoroughly enjoys enabling team development that is fun, challenging, interactive and improves bottom-line results.

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