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Dr Eleftheria Egel
Navigating Transformation

Eleftheria has devoted her career to working with women entrepreneurs from all over the world. She guides them to enhance their human and professional capabilities and build mission-driven businesses. Her latest entrepreneurial endeavour is EOS Academy; a pre-seed online learning platform for women social entrepreneurs. Her practice is informed by her scholarly research on female leadership & entrepreneurship, sustainability and (Islamic) spiritual leadership.

Currently, Eleftheria serves as Executive Board Member of One Planet Education Networks , Advisory Board Member of Ethics International Press and Startup Mentor at Founder Institute.

She is a fervent community supporter. Among other initiatives, she co-founded #SheHustlesAfrica in Nigeria together with the indigenous NGO AKAWI to assist local women entrepreneurs solve business challenges and grow.

Close to her heart lies empowerment and education of underprivileged girls.

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