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Kendal Parmar
Untapped AI

Kendal started out her career in Clinical Psychology and eventually took up the role of Director of People at Airmiles (a subsidiary of British Airways). There, she was struck by the need to reimagine what culture means at work because it was seen that culture always appeared as the “soft and fluffy” work. Yet, Kendal firmly believed that culture was, and still is, the hardest thing of all to build and is what’s behind any successful company.

This led Kendal to create the methodology behind The Sunday Times “Best Companies to Work For” list and what inspired her to start Untapped AI whose business is solely about helping companies make organisational culture shifts through digital coaching.

For Kendal, a central theme and mission that underlines what Untapped AI is today was changing the system to build a more equitable workplace. She realised that it was possible to create not only individual change, but systemic change throughout organisations. By partnering with co-founder Brendan O’Hara, she realised that data for good could lead the way in bringing this mission to life.

Alongside Untapped AI, Kendal has a passion for public speaking and women’s equality.

Having spoken at events such as DAVOS - World Economic Forum (WEF) and Women in Tech, she excels at getting audiences to speak up, shift mindsets, and re-ignite their confidence.

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