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Michelle DeGroot
Michelle DeGroot Coaching

I have developed and applied leadership and professional skills for 25 years while working on many transformative initiatives. For the last 19 years, it has been specifically in the health and wellness field.

While working for Indigenous non-profits, my skill development included relationship building, strategic and tactical planning, team building, organisational development (within one organisation and amongst partners including governments, First Nations, health authorities and other non-profit organisations) and coaching. I utilise these skills to support my current role at the First Nation Health Authority in British Columbia, to lead a team of professionals in the Community Health and Wellness Department.

My coaching approach creates a space for individuals to gain insight in to their specific professional and personal goals and identify how to achieve them. This approach also aligns with my commitment to support others enhancing their skill set through the Indigenous Coach Training Programme.

As a co-developer and co-facilitator (alongside other certified/credentialed coaches), we offer a 4-month certificate program which is grounded in culture and allows space for participants to share their teachings to strengthen their learnings.

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