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Olivia Gadd
Big Thinking Space

Olivia Gadd is the founder and co-CEO of Big Thinking Space a global consultancy that brings you accredited coaches to wherever you are! Big Thinking Space is a digital first organisation that provides award-winning coach development programmes, executive coaching, coach supervision, team coaching, leadership development and culture transformation.

Prior to launching the company in 2023, she was a senior facilitator and coach supervisor on Grant Thornton International’s Exceptional Coach Programme EQA.

Olivia has a 25-year career working with and on boards, specialising in strategy, marketing and communication. She has executive and non-executive experience in corporates,
partnerships, consultancies and start-ups.

EMCC Global Master Practitioner (EIA), EMCC Global Ambassador, EMCC Global Supervisor (ESIA), EMCC Global Team Coach (ITCA), NLP Master Practitioner, Chartered Marketer, Chartered Public Relations Professional, MBA and Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts.

Olivia has over 10 years’ experience as an executive coach and business mentor, working with clients all over the world. She was instrumental in winning the 2020 Global Coaching Award from EMCC Global.

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