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EMCC Global Thought Leadership seeks to identify, validate, engage and shape the global coaching, mentoring and supervision narrative, on selected issues most relevant to our target audience.


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Climate & Sustainability CFE

EMCC Global were one of the originating professional bodies who signed up to the Joint Statement on Climate Change in 2020. To honour our commitment to move from words to action, we established a Centre for Excellence, a Global Workgroup for Climate Action and Sustainability. The group aims to support coaches, mentors and supervisors by providing access to resources and tools which allow them to actively consider their practice in the context of a systemic, climate conscious approach. The group is inclusive and non-judgemental and is currently working on a number of priority areas. We will shortly be conducting some research to understand how our members view the climate challenge and we are creating a flexible set of resources through a Handbook to support members in their development. The handbook will be launched later in the summer. 

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CFE Lead - Rita Symons

Rita Symons is the lead for the EMCC Climate and Sustainability Centre for Excellence. Rita is an experienced health and care leader, now leadership consultant, offering individual coaching, tailored team support and change management support, in the public sector and beyond. Rita is passionate about helping leadership teams learn how to have courageous conversations which allow them to grow and develop and loves working with individuals to help them find their purpose. Rita is an accredited EMCC Coach at Senior Practitioner level and accredited coach supervisor.

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Speaker - Christopher Budde-Petch

Christopher Budde-Petch is a qualified Personal Life and Career Coach, with PRESENT having trained with the Irish Lifecoach Institute.  Since retiring from the Royal Air Force in April 2000, after a twenty-year career as an engineering officer, he has worked in number of global humanitarian crises, and worked with the UN, international organisations and NGOs, providing humanitarian assistance and human rights protection for displaced populations in war torn, complex emergencies.

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Speaker - Rob Bigge

Rob Bigge is an entrepreneur, organisational design consultant, management trainer and coach. Co-founder of Futur-O, Rob’s passion is working with leaders and managers to create teams and organisations that are highly productive, agile, innovative and inspiring to work in. Rob holds individual accreditation with EMCC at Practitioner level.

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Speaker - Elsa Valdivielso Martinez

Elsa Valdivielso Martinez MSc holds individual accreditation with EMCC at Foundation level having graduated from the University of East London in 2021 with distinction in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

Reflecting together on the impact of climate change for EMCC members, both personally and professionally

Aim of the session is to meet EMCC members and delegates to:-
•    find out where they are on climate change – personally and professionally
•    get feedback on what support they would like from the EMCC in general / our handbook
•    inspire them to take (more) action on climate change – personally and professionally

Inclusion, Diversity & Equality action

Vision for Inclusion, Diversity & Equality Action Centre for Excellence

Inclusion, Diversity and Equality action informs our professional practice. 
As Coaches, Mentors, and Supervisors, we strive to embrace and respect the uniqueness of the individual, their talents and potential. 
The mission for the EMCC Inclusion, Diversity & Equality action centre for excellence is to: 
1. Demystify the Inclusion, Diversity and Equality agenda
2. Help the EMCC Family to become even more inclusive and diverse organisations
3. Support individual EMCC members to become more inclusive practitioners so that mentoring and coaching helps workplaces and society to be more inclusive

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CFE Lead - Linbert Spencer

Linbert Spencer OBE has been helping organisations and individuals to transform themselves for more than 30 years. An international consultant specialising in inclusion, leadership, performance management, personal development and coaching he has facilitated learning and development seminars and workshops in more than 20 countries as well as across the UK.  A former actor, international athlete, television presenter and CEO of a charity, Linbert has appeared in many documentary television and radio programmes including appearances on BBC Television’s Question Time. Linbert is author of The Diversity Pocket Book; How to Build a Multi-Ethnic Church and How to Create Inclusive Environments.

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Speaker - Nolwen Grassen

Originally from France, Nolwen has more than 25 years of experience in sports and diversity (Paralympics, Special Olympics) which gave her the opportunity to work in more than 40 countries and discover the richness of what makes us unique. Nolwen holds individual accreditation with EMCC at Senior Practitioner level and is also an accredited PCC coach with the ICF. Nolwen defines her coaching as transformational rather than transactional.

In our changing world or when questions have no answers, they ask us to go deeper and go beyond the way we have always thought about things. The unconventional tools that Nolwen uses with her clients (visualization, use of metaphor in particular) allow them to become aware of and remain present to what is happening in the moment, to access their inner resources, their intuition and their creativity, so that they can unleash their full potential.

Demystifying the Agenda

An Introduction to the Centre for Excellence: Inclusion, Diversity and Equality Agenda

Presentation for session

Digital & AI

Vision of Digital & AI CfE

Under the vision of EMCC Global to be the ‘Go To’ Body in mentoring, coaching, and supervision, we cannot be indifferent to the immense development of digital & AI in the field of coaching. EMCC Global’s Center for Excellence on Digital & AI aims to serve as an independent body that sits in the conjuction of coaches / mentors / supervisors, coaching tech providers and buyers, while being in equal footing to them all, where conversations can happen regarding coaching technologies. Digital & AI CfE will work to set the standards, create guidelines and research, as well as informing and upskilling the field regarding coaching technologies.

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CFE Lead - Ozlem Sarioglu

Ozlem Sarioglu, PCC is EMCC Global’s Digital & AI CfE Leader, Professional Coach, and Co-Founder of SparkUs Digital Coaching

Ozlem is a professional coach working with leaders, teams and organizations and is also the co-founder of SparkUs Digital Coaching Platform, one of the 400 start-ups invited to the World Economic Forum. As the managing partner responsible for coaching in SparkUs, she has vast experience on how to adopt coaching services to the digitalization agenda of the corporate HR and L&D teams. She has been with EMCC Global since 2019, serving under the Thought Leadership & Development Team responsible for Corporate Relations, and now serving as the Leader of the Digital & AI Center for Excellence.

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Speaker - Agnieszka Ert-Eberdt

Agnieszka Ert-Eberdt (Poland) – Senior HR Leader with over 20 years of business experience. Accreditation EMCC EIA at Practitioner level. A certified consultant of Facet5, business trainer, executive coach& mentor. Passionate about new technology in HR.

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Speaker - Gary Storer

Gary Storer is a Masters qualified Executive Coach as well as an award winning management consultant advising Boards on risk and governance. Gary coaches at Board, C-Suite and Senior Manager level in the UK and, more recently, internationally through digital platforms. Gary has a particular interest in the leadership mindsets and skills which differentiate leaders in complex regulated sectors such as financial services, health, energy and the public sector and published research into this in 2018. Gary is a member of the EMCC Task Force on Digital & AI Coaching Task Force, interested in the ethics of digital coaching with a focus on the coach and coaching client experience.

What needs to happen in the Digital & AI field and how do we collaborate with EMCC Global?


What about Ethics in Latin America

In this webinar Marisol Castillo Vargas and Paul Anwandter will talk about Professional ethics in the practice of Coaching and Mentoring, as seen from the Latin American culture and history

Climate & Sustainability CFE
Inclusion, Diversity & Equality
Digital & AI


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CFE Lead – Nadine Hemmer

Nadine is the lead for the Continuous Professional Development Centre for Excellence and a former team member of the competency framework/CPD and mentoring team. 

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Speaker - Maiten Panella

Maiten is a psychologist, psychotherapist and EMCC senior practitioner coach with 30 years of multicultural professional experience, helping leaders, entrepreneurs and executives to gain clarity and focus—and reconnect with their true purpose and motivation.

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Speaker – Anjani Ghandi

Anjani is a passionate HR generalist, and a multi-genre Coach known for building robust organisational systems.

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Speaker – Ana Oliveira Pinto

Ana has 25 years’ experience of working with organizations on change and organizational & talent development projects. She is currently renewing and upgrading her EMCC-EIA to Master Practitioner.

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Speaker - Michaella Benvenisti

Michaella is a volunteer in the Continuing Professional Development Centre for Excellence.

What is Learning?
How can you enhance your learning journey during the conference?
How can you build your CPD plan? How can you enhance your learning journey after the conference?
What are your challenges with CPD and what would you expect from EMCC?

Why reflective practice is the corner stone of learning? 

Mentoring & Competence

“Mentoring is a learning relationship, involving the sharing of skills, knowledge, and expertise between a mentor and mentee through developmental conversations, experience sharing, and role modelling. The relationship may cover a wide variety of contexts and is an inclusive two-way partnership for mutual learning that values differences.”

The practice of Mentoring is dynamic and evolving in a rapidly changing global context. A Mentoring definition needs to reflect and enhance professional practice. The EMCC Mentoring Review Group, was tasked by the Global Executive Board (GEB) to review the existing definition and make recommendations for an updated understanding. In alignment with EMCC values of professionalism, diversity, and inclusion, the Review Group adopted a triangulation approach, which included a literature search, focus groups and survey of members.

The findings reflect and incorporate the perspectives of the wider Mentoring community, including views from inside and outside the EMCC’s global community. From this research, we have created a new fit for purpose definition of Mentoring.

The new wording serves not only as an updated definition but also represents EMCC’s current understanding of the essence of Mentoring. We recognise that this definition encapsulates a broad view, and, as work in progress, we would love any feedback and development suggestions.

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CFE Lead - Mick Lavin

Mick Lavin is the lead for the Mentoring and Competencies Centre for Excellence.  Mick is a Coach and Mentor who works as an Agile Transformation Coach, Leadership Team Coach, and Mentor. He is an Author, Speaker and Business Agility Thought Leader. He specialises in helping People and Teams develop themselves, Transform Business to Agility, and helps Leaders get out of the way of their Teams to enable success. His experience spans Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  With the EMCC he co-authored the EMCC Diversity & Inclusion policy statement and holds EMCC individual accreditation at Master Practitioner level.

Meet us at our presentation room


03:10 PM UTC

Are you interested in Mentoring & Competencies


04:25 PM UTC

Please come along to chat to us in our Virtual Booth live sessions where members of the Mentoring and Competencies Centre for excellence will be on hand to answer any of your questions.

Mentoring & Competence


The field of supervision is evolving. New forms of coaching, mentoring and supervision are emerging. As this occurs, via its ‘Supervision Centre for Excellence’, EMCC Global aims to follow suit by updating its systems and processes to remain relevant and continue supporting practitioners in all fields.

EMCC Definition of Supervision

EMCC Global’s definition of supervision is

A safe space for reflective dialogue with a practicing supervisor, supporting the supervisee’s practice, development, and well-being.

The purpose of supervision is
1.    To ensure the supervisee maintains appropriate professional standards
2.    To facilitate the development of the supervisee’s professional practice
3.    To provide support for the supervisee’s well-being

We have recently updated our Supervision Guidelines. These can be downloaded here

Link to download Supervision Guidelines 2022

We hope this is a useful guide to supervision, what it is and the vital role it plays in upholding standards and building the profession.

Should you wish to support EMCC Global’s ‘Supervision Centre for Excellence’, or have any unanswered questions, please send us an email at:

The EMCC Global Supervision Framework

EMCC Global takes the approach that competence frameworks can be helpful triggers for dialogue and debate; they can provide practitioners, trainers, and assessors with valuable reference material; they act as a container for ideas and help answer the question ‘what does good look like?’

At the same time, EMCC Global accepts that competence frameworks only tell part of the story, and some of the core qualities of the person cannot be captured in frameworks and definitions.

EMCC Global has a framework for supervision which has evolved based on research and feedback over the years, the full version of which can be downloaded here. It contains eight core competences, as described below:

Manages the Supervision Contract and Process

The Functions of Supervision
Facilitates Development
Provides support
Promotes Professional Standards

The Capacity of the Supervisor
Relationship Awareness
Systemic Awareness

Working with Groups
Facilitates Group Supervision

These competence headings are supported by about 40 behavioural indicators. It is not expected that every supervisor should exhibit each one of these, or treat them as a checklist. Rather, they are intended to stimulate awareness and promote understanding.

Link to download Supervision Competence Framework

Networking Groups

There are a range of membership networks and groups supporting continuing professional development and research in the field of supervision. Active supervisors are encouraged to participate in these in order to remain current and connected to the latest developments in theory and practice.

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CFE Lead - Tom Battye

Tom Battye is the CFE lead for the EMCC Thought, Leadership & Development Supervision Centre for Excellence. Tom is an executive coach and leadership development consultant with 20 years' experience developing senior leaders and their teams. Tom’s background as a professional expedition leader has taken him around the world leading treks and managing projects in developing countries. Recently, he has led projects in Morocco and Costa Rica. Experiences like these provide Tom with first-hand leadership experience that ground his work as a coach and facilitator. Tom works at a profound level with all his clients, as a coach for individuals and teams. Tom's holds EMCC individual and supervisor accreditation with EMCC at the level of Master Practitioner.


About Us

EMCC Thought Leadership & Development is represented via individual Centres for Excellence, each focused on a subject area of relevance and interest for the global coaching, mentoring and supervision community. During the Conference, we invite you to drop-in to our different booths and meet some of our Global Volunteers to find out more about what they are doing. After visiting, if you’d like to become a Global Volunteer yourself, please leave your name and contact details and we’ll get back to you after the Conference.

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